Integrating solutions

Since 2003 we provide effective solutions in web technology and mobile




We hear and interpret their ideas and sketches become either a web or mobile application project, the result is an extension of your mind
Tools. Paper and pencil



The success of the project lies in the concept and planning strategies to follow is always important to consider the right balance between the real idea and your budget
Tools: Photoshop, Fireworks.



The correct layout in HTML, CSS, JQuery, and magical events in server-side languages like PHP, MySQL database and make your idea is different from other. We use AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS too.
Tools: Several



Not everything ends with the publication of the draft is necessary to analyze the statistics of visits, optimize the site based on your visitors, ad campaigns, email marketing, etc.
Tools: Google Analytics, Facebook Ads or Google AdWords.

We keep it simple

Development as customer

Our solutions are developed customized, do not work with graphics and / or CMS like WordPress or Joomla templates,. this allows us to get closer to the ideas and guidelines of our clients always attention to detail and attached to the image or corporate colors


Committed to our customers

We work as best we can, to create functional websites and immersive applications



A single target

What began in 2003 as a personal idea grew over the years into an established company, which allowed us to strengthen and improve as professionals, always focused on one goal: customer satisfaction

Daniel Naranjo Serrano

Daniel Naranjo

"Programmer by profession, developer of conviction" has worked in person and outsourcing with several companies, with extensive experience in "custom development".

It happens Front-end and Back-end depending on the project, developed in HTML5, CSS3, PHP / MySQL, JQuery, Blackberry, Android, in recent years has dabbled in Python / Django, NodeJS, Phonegap, etc..

Eduardo Padron

Eduardo Padron

Graphic Designer with extensive experience in print and digital media, lover of photography,. when not designing, you are taking good pictures inside and out of the water

Between has its virtues handling Adobe Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, Premiere,. well as your camera or Nikon D3000 GoPro Hero can also follow his steps in Instagram, YouTube or www.edgrafico.com



ojo gourmet

Ojo Gourmet

Dresss Me

Dressss me



Some of our customers

Universal Adventure
Innovations Plus
Abordo Shipping
La Vela CC

Some of our latest projects

Other services

  • Dominios
  • USD $25/anual
  • Pago con CADIVI
  • Soporte en Español
  • .COM
  • .NET
  • .ORG
  • Dominio .VE
  • BsF 300/anual
  • Formas de pagos
  • Soporte personalizado
  • .COM.VE
  • .NET.VE
  • .ORG.VE
  • Contáctenos
  • Hospedaje Web
  • Desde BsF 100/mes
  • Espacio desde 100 MB
  • Datacenter en USA
  • Soporte en Español
  • cPanel & MySQL
  • 99% uptime
  • Contáctenos
  • Reciba pagos Online
  • 2CheckOut
  • Tarifa de 5.5% + $0,45
  • Facil Integracion
  • Multiples idiomas
  • Panel de control
  • Acceso API
  • Registrese gratis
  • Cursos
  • USD $25 /mensual
  • Videos en HD
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • JQuery
  • Request
  • HTML5 + CSS3 + JS
  • Responsive design
  • JQuery, jQuery Mobile
  • AngularJS, EmberJS
  • W3C Validate
  • Consultar
  • Marketing
  • Consultar
  • Redes Sociales
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • SMS
  • -
  • Consultar
  • Mobile App (webview)
  • USD $100
  • De Sitio movil a Aplicacion movil
  • Android, Backberry, iOS*, FF OS
  • Gratis en Google Play y Blackberry World
  • Entrega: 72 hrs
  • (*) App Store requiere USD $99/anuales